New Here?

New to the Parish

A very warm welcome indeed. There are many new members in our Parish so you will certainly feel comfortable in your new surroundings. If you are moving to the Parish with young children you will probably start to come into contact with our community through the local Catholic primary school (St Joseph’s) or the Catholic secondary school in Worcester (Blessed Edward Oldcorne). Links to both these schools are on our website under the “Links” heading. Please feel free to contact the Parish priest either through this site or by speaking to the Parish Priest after Mass. The “Welcomers” at the back of church with the hymn books would be happy to point him out or to introduce you to other people. On the website under “Liturgy” and “Groups” you will find many links to groups and activities you may like to participate in – please contact them if you are at all interested. And, do come for a cup of tea after the 08.30am and 10.30am Masses on a Sunday.

First Visit to the Website

Our original website went live in 2004 and reflected life in the parish and the personalities of the time. While the architecture of the church has remained largely the same the clergy, congregation and structure of the parish have changed over the years so it became time to update things to give a truer reflection of what and where we are as a parish today. Visitors to the website may be parishioners, Catholics visiting the area and looking for Mass times or visitors to the site or the area with an interest in our fascinating and impressive architectural features. All are most welcome and we hope you find what you are looking for. If you find the website does not give you what you need please leave a message with our webmaster at so we can look at improving our service.