This website has been constructed by the Parish's website team (Matthew Johnson, John Pilley and Richard Wightman) in collaboration with Fr. Vincent Arulandhu. It incorporates content from the parish's first website (2004-2015) produced by David Holden and John Mahoney in collaboration with Fr. Tom Kelly. The photography of the mosaics has been made available from the parish archive, and the parish of Sacred Heart and Saint Catherine of Alexandria fund the upkeep of this website.

Something to Change or Add to the Website?

Websites should be considered as 'living' - that is to say, they should be regularly updated and revised. Requests for any changes should be sent to the Webmaster.

New content is always welcomed - from old photographs, or small articles for the parish blog, to events that are happening. These can easily be added. We would very much like to hear from you.