Ashray works with a disadvantaged community in the Nagwa slum district of Varanasi. They supply primary schooling, medical clinic, after school classes for children and adults as well as moral support in this community’s struggle for the basics of life. Coming from a so-called “un-touchable” class, looked down on by parts of society, they would usually struggle to access mainstream services.

Ashray provides school uniforms, learning materials and lunch, sometimes the only meal of the day, for about 90 children as well as life support for the absolutely desperate.

For over 10 years our parish has supported the Ashray project in India. Ashray Charitable Trust was set up by Liz Prakash, one of our parishioners who went to live in India, and a wonderfully supportive group of local trustees who run the charity, all under the massive inspiration of Fr Francis, a Dutch Mill Hill priest who lived with this community for over 30 years.

If you would like more information on the project you can find it at or contact the local organisers John & Gina Pilley at or on 07713 623 997.

To support Ashray please visit our fundraising page at Dona and select Ashray from the list.

John & Gina Pilley
t: 07713 623 997