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The birth of a new baby is a great joy for you as a parent and for your family. The Church wants to rejoice with you at the arrival of a new baby. We welcome and congratulate families wishing to pass on the faith to their children through the Sacrament of Baptism.

God enables us to participate in His life through his son Jesus Christ and makes us His children through the Sacrament of Baptism. We receive the Holy Spirit and become members of the people of God, of the Body of Christ, which is the Church, by this Sacrament. As you are seeking Baptism for your children in the Catholic faith, it helps you and your family to embark upon the journey of faith with Christ and His Church.
In preparing for the Sacrament, there is a preparation session for parents which will explore the meaning of the Sacrament and familiarise you with how Baptism is celebrated here. Both parents are asked to participate in the preparation session and be present at the Baptism. The preparatory session for parents will be arranged by the Parish Priest at the first meeting.

Baptisms are usually at 12.00 noon on the last Sunday of the month, but by appointment it could take place on any of the Sundays. Two months’ notice must be given. Normally a meeting with parents will take place in the Presbytery as early as possible after the request for a Baptism. A form will be given at the initial meeting. Return this form as soon as possible - at least a week before the preparatory session. It should be returned to the Parish Priest by hand or Post.

If you have any further questions or concern, please contact the Parish Priest through the Parish Office by email or phone.
May God bless and guide you in your journey of faith.


Celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage in the Catholic Church is a joyous experience for the bride and groom. The Church rejoices in the loving vocation of marriage. We welcome those who enter into this holy union.

We encourage and request the couples to engage in a marriage preparation process provided or arranged by the Parish Priest. Such preparation helps the couple to understand each other and to have a deeper knowledge of the Sacrament that they receive on the day of their wedding. So you are requested to attend an approved marriage preparation programme. This should be completed before the Pre-Nuptial meeting with the Parish Priest or before your wedding day.

In order to ensure that all the appropriate preparation, paperwork and booking have enough time to be completed, we ask for at least one year’s notice for your wedding.

We kindly request the engaged couples not to make any further arrangements for your wedding before discussing it with the Parish Priest. The required documents for your wedding will be discussed at the first meeting with the Parish Priest. We hope you will have a very good wedding day.

For more information please contact the Parish Priest by email or phone.


Please contact the Parish Priest, through the Parish Office by email or phone.

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