The organ, by Walkers of Ruislip, Middx., erected in 1949, is the munificent gift of Percy Edgar Thomas, in memory of his wife, Florence Elizabeth, who died in 1946. The organ and pipes are so constructed that they in no way obstruct the mosaic work - and a photograph of this arrangement was used by Walkers to show their complete adaptability, featured in Musical Opinion, October 1951. The pipes of the Swell and the Great are concealed in the recess on the right, whilst the pedal Bourdon and its blower are in the passage that links the choir loft and the archive room. The console is sited in the very centre of the space for aesthetic reasons, although there has been much debate over the years as to whether this is its optimal position.

The organ is electric action and is an extension organ; that is to say that it contains 4 unit ranks (Diapason, Rohr Flute, Salicional and Trumpet), plus a Bourdon, and the organ's 26 stops are built from different sections of these. In total the instrument houses only 316 pipes. Whilst on 4" wind pressure, the instrument speaks powerfully into the nave with the Diapasons and Trumpet ranks having great power whilst the Salicional is sweet and the Rohr Flute very full bodied. Only on hearing a professional recital can one realise the range and power of this discreet organ. All pipes are enclosed inside the swell box with the exception of the Diapason and Bourdon ranks.

The organ was overhauled and rebuilt in 2005 at the cost of £26,000. Whilst the upperwork has remained the same, further playing aids are now available to the organist and the Pedal division has had an 8' Salicional and 4' Clarion added. An entry exists in the National Pipe Organ Register for this instrument ( and the full revised specification is as follows:


32' Acoustic Bass   (resultant)
16' Bourdon
8' Bass Flute
8' Salicional
4' Octave Flute
8' Trumpet
4' Clarion
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal


16' Contra Salicional   (tenor C)
8' Open Diapason   (unenclosed)
8' Rohr Flute
8' Salicional
4' Octave   (unenclosed)
4' Octave Flute
4' Salicet
2 2/3' Twelfth  (from the Salicional)
2' Fifteenth   (from the Salicional)
8' Trumpet
Swell to Great


8' Rohr Flute
8' Salicional
4' Octave Flute
4' Salicet
2 2/3' Nazard
2' Flautino
16' Double Trumpet   (tenor C)
8' Trumpet
4' Clarion
Tremulant   (whole organ except the Diapasons and the Bourdon)


6 general thumb pistons
6 Swell thumb pistons
6 Great and Pedal thumb pistons
6 Swell toe pistons (duplicating)
6 Great and Pedal toe pistons (duplicating)
Great to Pedal reversible thumb piston
Great to Pedal reversible toe piston (duplicating)
Two memory banks
Balanced Swell pedal
Double touch canceller


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